New version 2.4

In version we are working on Air agency section of iGreen software to make it more user friendly for travel agencies in Dubai and other cities of United Arab Emirates.

Forms of travel agency in iGreen

  • Passports
  • Passengers
  • Visa
  • Tickets
  • Hotels
  • Tours

In Passports form, you can add scan of passports also easily and then you can control passport of passengers in visa entry, tickets , and hotel reservations.

Load passengers and their passport is very easy in vouchers entry .



Tickets are the best products that any air agency could offers to its clients and air passengers

in iGreen, ticket entry form includes 3 sections:

  • Ticket Voucher
  • Ticket information
  • Passenger information
Ticket voucher in iGreen accounting

Ticket voucher

This section includes related information about accounting voucher of ticket as Date, Remarks, sales person and LPO type


  1. You can adjust as sales commission for your salesperson of ticket
  2. LPO mean letter purchase order and client can pay for it by cash or later on credit account

Ticket information

This section includes the most important information of ticket as: ticket id, date of flight, flight no, air line, path of flight (route), class of ticket (Economy, Business class, and First Class) , and ticket provider

Passenger information

This part of ticket entry form includes any information about passenger like: Name, Last name, Passport no, Date of issue and expiration of passport, and also you can upload scan of passport here and it is as visa entry form


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