Vat Compliant Accounting Software in UAE

VAT (Value Added Tax) has been activated since 2018 in United Arab Emirates. before there was no tax on businesses but it is running now.

How to setup VAT in iGreen

To active vat option in invoicing and purchase entry, you should setup amount or tax percent per sales and your TRN vat number.

VAT setup in iGreen accounting software

You should get your TRN number from TAX department in Dubai economic organization.

Note: At this time VAT percent in All cities of United Arab Emirates is 5% .

After save setting of VAT, you can issue sales invoices with VAT. iGreen will calculate 5% of sales amount as VAT and it will be added to total amount of sales invoice.

Invoice with VAT option for Dubai shops

As you see, we highlighted VAT in in invoice.

Printed invoice in A4 paper size

Print invoice with vat for shop in Dubai

when you print this invoice, you can export it to EXCEL, PDF and MS Word also easy by one click

Exported Print invoice with VAT in PDF format

Custom software

Some of businesses in Dubai, and other cities in United Arab Emirates need special window applications for their account and sales departments.

It can include special formulas of profit calculation or warehouse counting or everything else that you could not find it in current existing software in the software shops in Dubai. but don’t worry, you can order it as you want to us.

Custom modules

We will analyse it and after designing it in graphics and data processing , then we add it to iGreen accounting software as new section specially for your company