small business accounting and inventory software

After any purchase and sales invoice, control stock inventory is a weekly or sometimes daily tasks for warehouse management. loss of an item in warehouse could have loss of big amount money.

in iGreen accounting after post any invoice or purchase, stock inventory report will be updated instantly.

Please have a look on below photo; This is screenshot of stock report in iGreen accounting.

As you see, operator posted a purchase of 20 pairs of shoe then she posted an invoice of 5 pairs sales

At the bottom of form you can see iGreen shows 15 pairs as remained inventory amount of shoe

Profit in this report:

5 * 200 USD == 5 * 50 == gross profit

As you see,also at the bottom, at left corner, it shows $250 sales profits


Inventory report in iGreen accounting for Dubai business
Inventory report in iGreen

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