Year: 2017

iGreen as inventory software in Dubai

Inventory software

Control of inventory stock in iGreen accounting is very easy and automatic. when you purchase a product, iGreen will add inventory to that product and when you post an invoice, it reduce from inventory of sold product. Example of inventory report In above report, you can see how iGreen added amount of 15 set of …

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Most popular accounting software in Dubai


Every company in Dubai has unique financial methods but common accounting software in market have standard financial operations. Therefore, you have two options for this issue: use a normal and existing accounting software in markets and record your exclusive financial operations on -papers Order an accounting software exactly as you want We at iGreen software …


iGreen accounting used in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top cities with trading activities in second. controlling accounts, stock inventory, bank balances, pay loan on-time is very important. iGreen accounting is one of the accounting software used in Dubai. You can use iGreen accounting directly on your PC , labtop or POS hardware. Any P.O.S hardware could be supported …

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sales profit report by software in Dubai

How to see sales profits

Profit of sales is one the most wanted reports for business owners and specially for shop owners. when you issue an invoice or bill, it is very nice to be able to see the profit instantly. iGreen accounting has an advanced module that could calculate sales profit (also sales loss) instantly after posted invoice. actually …

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Free accounting software

Usually accounting software is not free and it costs from $100 to more than $2000. and if you found an accounting software free without any payment, so that it has a cause for its free price. some free accounting software are limited to basic features and some of them have ads inside their screen. iGreen …

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Parts of Invoice

Invoicing in iGreen accounting is very easy to understand and you can issue and print sales invoices easilly. in this page you will see important section of invoice like: Invoice No Currency selection Sales person How to select buyer How to Save and create new invoice As you see, it is possible to issue any …

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