Year: 2018

FTA Audit File

FTA audit file is very important in any accounting software to send tax value to UAE tax portal automatically. If you have a business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain, so that you can send your business’s tax declare by iGreen accounting software to online tax portal of United Arab …

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button to access items in iGreen accounting

Add items

For any shops or stores in Dubai or UAE, to enter invoices, a list of items is a must. items are main body of sales invoices and a clear list of goods and items could help a shiny reports of sales. How to add items of products and goods in iGreen To add items in …

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VAT Report of Sales

iGreen accounting is 100% compliant with UAE VAT rules. It prints your TRN number (Your Tax Number in United Arab Emirates) for economic department of Dubai. VAT in UAE is 5% of sales gross amount. In setting form inside iGreen software, you should enter and save VAT number, and then it appears in prints of …

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Small business accounting software with inventory management

Inventory management for small businesses and small stores is a weekly task and it should be done to protect items from losing. Every week, stuffs will count items and goods in stores and warehouses to check mark it with prints on paper or by software. Inventory Management Software An inventory software will add and reduce …

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Custom software

Some of businesses in Dubai, and other cities in United Arab Emirates need special window applications for their account and sales departments. It can include special formulas of profit calculation or warehouse counting or everything else that you could not find it in current existing software in the software shops in Dubai. but don’t worry, …

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