Accounting software used in Dubai

imei scanning for inventory

One of software that has been used in Dubai by many companies and shops is iGreen accounting. This software has been designed by a long experiences programmers. Priority focus of designing algorithm of this accounting software is on Dubai markets. so that  we will update it every time with any new changes in economics rules and market conditions.

Accounting software used in Dubai for mobile shops

We pay attention daily to special requests of accountants and data operators in Dubai and will update iGreen with these modules to make it more and more user friendly. so, any suggestion from users of iGreen is like a golden idea and we will be happy to listen your voices.

every business or shops maybe has its special request and accounts formula and we respect to our customers and users of iGreen with good attitude !.

How trust iGreen accounting as the best in Dubai

We don’t receive any payment at the delivery time of software, so you can start working with this accounting -software that used in Dubai and after one month and after you are sure that this accounting software is suitable for your shop, then we will request for 50% payment and after 2 months you can pay remained balance of payment.

Accounting software used in Dubai for travel air agency

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