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button to access items in iGreen accounting

For any shops or stores in Dubai or UAE, to enter invoices, a list of items is a must. items are main body of sales invoices and a clear list of goods and items could help a shiny reports of sales.

How to add items of products and goods in iGreen

To add items in iGreen accounting, please click on button:

then you will see a items form as below:

by click on New item button:

a new code will be generated and it will be waiting for you to enter information of items (Product of goods)

Information of item (Goods or products)

As you see in below photo, You can enter information of goods or products as below:

  • Category (must)
  • Model (must)
  • Brand (must)
  • Year (Optional)
  • Barcode (Optional)
  • Part No (Optional)
  • Color (Optional)
  • Country (Optional)
  • Comments (Optional)
  • TRA No (Optional)

Note: item list in Invoice has a smart search like Google search and you can search for item like you search in Google

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