Cash Payment Entry

cash payment

Cash payment to suppliers or vendors is for settlement of purchase vouchers. so that you should use cash payment form to enter these types of vouchers.

Before to start cash payment entry, please keep it in mind, usually supplier receive cash. it means supplier account will be debit for amount of paid cash to them.

For example:   lets suppose you have a supplier with name: “B”

You paid 200$ to supplier B also, so that vouchers of these payment and receipt in iGreen will be as below:


Supplier B    200$ Debit

Cash Account                     200$ Credit


for cash account, term “debit” means cash went out  and  term “Credit” means cash came in and added.

therefore, when you pay cash, account of cash will be credit.

How to enter cash payment in iGreen

Please from dashboard screen, click on button [Cash Payment] and then you will see a from as below:

Form of cash payment entry in iGreen accounting

As you see, in this form, after you click on button [New voucher], it generate a new voucher number as CP-.. ,

“CP-” is summary of Cash Payment and it is better you don’t change it. System ID is a not changeable by you and it is a unique ID in iGreen for systematic use and report.

Cash Account to Credit

It is important section,

  • if you pay cash by money (Coins and money notes), it should be Petty cash account or cash in hand
  • if you deposit this amount by money wire (bank transfer), you should select bank account.
    • to select bank account enter 0 (zero digit) in text box “Account #:” and press enter, so that iGreen will show you chart of account to select any account that you want

in below section, you will see a table that includes:

  • Payee ID:  account of supplier in iGreen
  • Payer Name:  name of supplier
  • Commnets:  any commnets or description that you should keep here for future use and reports
  • Amount:  total amount that you paid to supplier as above selected

Example of Cash payment to suppliers in Money notes

Here is an example of AED100 that we pay to supplier A by money note (Cash payment)

Example of payment to supplier by cash in iGreen
Example of Cash payment

Note: we selected Account #: 10100 [Cash on Hand] because we paid from cash on our cashier box.

Result: Account statement of supplier A got 100$ debit and cash account: 10100 got 100$ credit amount in reports

Example of bank deposit to supplier bank account

Here is an example of AED350 that we send it by money wire to supplier bank account.

Example to enter Bank deposit to supplier in iGreen
Example of Bank deposit to supplier

Note: we selected Account #: 102000 [Emirates NBD] because we deposited from this bank account directly

Result: Account statement of supplier A,  got AED350 debit and Bank account: 102000 got AED230 credit amount in reports