Free Accounting Software

That is good that get an accounting software for free in U.A.E, as the most software have high cost in this country!. but is a free software really useful ? actually no. sometime maybe it has advertisement or hidden charge or some key feature is locked.

Disadvantage of free accounting software

At the first looking, it is very nice to use an accounting software for free. You searched internet and found a free accounting software. so that, you will download it and install
it. Oh, it works really!.

But what is behind the scenes ? Most popular free accounting software in Dubai
Designing a software like accounting will takes minimum 2 years to be ready to use in accounts departments. however, why a free software is found?

It could have two main reasons:
1- it is a cracked software by hackers
2- it is not really free and after a period of using will be locked!

if it is a cracked software, so it will distribute viruses and Trojans in your computer and maybe it steals your important information as bank accounts, password, .. and send it
to hackers.
if it is not really free accounting software, so after a period of using like after record 50 vouchers, it will locked you and force you to pay for it! then because you
financial data is important, you will pay any amount for it and not other option!.

Therefore, please keep your financial in safe place and only use registered accounting software.

Advantage of registered accounting software

Accounting software in Dubai
iGreen accounting software with smart updates

When you pay for a software to use it in your accounts department, so that you will never be worry about problems and bugs in future. there is a company that supports you
and follows your problems up. and also your will receive new versions of this accounting software on-time

– Supports for problems and bugs
– On-time updates of new versions
– Never you get locked in financial reports
– No virus, no problems
– Respect to self !

Example of Registered software

When you buy and register a copy of iGreen accounting software, it will get updates in a new smart way and you will have an up-to-dated software for your financial department in your company in UAE

Also programming team of iGreen software will support you by walk-in and check your computer in-person to run your accounting in the best way without harassment.

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