Welcome to official website of iGreen software. iGreen is an accounting software specially for small businesses and shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain (UAE).  This website is open always for iGreen's users to get support and the latest software updates. and also to sum up posts about the best methods to use this accounting software for voucher entry, Invoicing, stock management, and reports like profit and loss.

iGreen accounting software has been designed for retailer and whole sales shops that are located in United Arab Emirates in addition with VAT rules of Dubai economic organization in smart invoices. also you can use it in other countries as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, and more,...iGreen accounting could be used for shops that sells mobiles and smart phones, Shoes, gifts, jewelry, tools, home appliances, cars tires, toys, and any shops that need easy invoicing.

What's new in iGreen accounting software, Version 2.9

iGreen accounting on cash register for Dubai

  • Multi languages - You can use iGreen in other languages as Arabic, Hindi, German,...
  • Special focus on mobile shops and travel agencies in Dubai.
  • Currencies list.
  • Administrator account.
  • Direct barcode scanning in smart invoice and purchase entry.
  • Ticket issue, Visa entry and passengers management for travel agencies.


iGreen is 100% compliant with UAE VAT rules. It prints your TRN number (Your Tax Number in United Arab Emirates) for economic department of Dubai. VAT in UAE is 5% of sales gross amount. In setting form inside iGreen software, you should enter and save VAT number, and then it appears in prints of invoices automatically.

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Barcode labels with sales price and encrypted digit of purchase price will be generated easily only by one click to print on A4 label papers or barcode label printers like Honeywell.

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To protecting your accounting data from un-authorized access, data server of iGreen has been located in separated path with a 4 layered accesses and passwords by the latest technology of data processing. engine of SQL server is active inside of iGreen software to have high speed with the best security.

By use unique pricing system of items ( UPSI ) in iGreen software for your business in United Arab Emirates, every item  will be traced by purchase price and sales price exclusively and it will cause to calculate sales profit without any mistake or margin, better than FIFO, LIFO and average profit systems. 

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The most wanted reports and important statements have been featured with chart view to help you imagination of your business better of before. by a single look at profit and report to recognize which days or months were the best of sales

There are a big area of data pool to put as many as company that you want to create in iGreen accounting installation. so that you can create unlimited companies in iGreen software without limited area

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For Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah




Screenshots of iGreen accounting
iGreen accounting software for shops and stores in Dubai and United Arab Emirates

iGreen software + P.O.S

iGreen, one software for all your accounting needs and a great user-friendly application that helps you manage sales and invoice printing of shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. An easy to use software with top reports and statements of inventory and accounts


There are many on-the-go financial reports in iGreen accounting software for business decisions.

Reports like:

  • Profits and loss of sales
  • Stock inventory
  • Payable Accounts (AP) and Receivable Accounts (AR)
  • Commissions of Salespersons
  • Payable VAT
  • Cash flow report
  • IMEI tracking (For mobile stores)

It has been designed with special focus on invoicing with barcode scanner to make it very easy and intelligent for stores and shops to issue invoices and bills very fast.

Installation of iGreen will be on-time by online remote connection, so that you will use it less than one day after register it. and support of it is as fast as one day.

Installation of its demo version is free, so that you can test it with FAQ support to be sure it is same software that yo want for your business.

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Please keep it in your mind that using iGreen accounting software will not create any responsibility in UAE or Dubai for us about hardware problems. so that please check hardware of computers and PCs in your company frequently to prevent your business data from any loss and problem. We will supports you by walk-in your business location in UAE cities as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Rak. Other countries will be supported by remote desktop only.


User manual of iGreen accounting