Inventory stock management

Inventory of items and products in all shops is very important. a clear and updated report of stock inventory  will give you a calm of mind about your shop stock control. by entry of any purchase or invoice, this report will be updated instantly.

You can access to stock report by click on [Inventory Report]  button as below:

Stock Report Menu in accounting
Stock Report Menu

After you click on [Inventory Report], it will take a some-while of time about 1 to 5 minutes to finish its calculation. during this time, it shows you “Please wait”.  and it will be ready as below:

Report of stock and inventory in iGreen accounting

STOCK REPORTIn this report you see two tables:

  • Up table is list of all items with details :
    • Description of items
    • Inventory column – It shows you current inventory of items in stock
      • Inventory of items in stock report in iGreen accounting
        Inventory of items in stock report
    • Quantity of Purchases and invoices – it shows total quantity of items
    • Profit & Loss Column – It shows you profit or loss of sales [This section is only available to Admin users]

If you click of any rows in upper table, you can see details of that item in below table:


For example we click on item code: 775

Report of one item in stock report
Report of one item in stock report

and We see details of items as below:

Stock turn of one item in iGreen
Stock turn of one item