Parts of Invoice

Invoicing in iGreen accounting is very easy to understand and you can issue and print sales invoices easilly. in this page you will see important section of invoice like:

  • Invoice No
  • Currency selection
  • Sales person
  • How to select buyer
  • How to Save and create new invoice
Invoices in iGreen accounting version
Sales Invoices in iGreen version

As you see, it is possible to issue any invoice in selected currency, so that you can issue invoices in different currencies for multi national customers. it is important to know later, in reports , iGreen will convert all invoices in different currencies in one currency based on currency rates that you will adjust in it.

By selecting account of salesperson you can mention commissions for your salespersons very.

How to select buyer

When you are issuing a new invoice, buyer of it could be a new customer or an existing customer.

New customer

if customer of invoice is a new, it is enough to type his/ her name in combo box and iGreen will create a new account number for his/her account in sales ledger instantly. Also you can specify Tel no, Delivery address and Address of new customer sames time after name.

Existing customer

if customer of invoice has been added before to iGreen accounting, so, it is easy to type a part of his/her name and iGreen will show a list of customers with matching to typed letters, so you can select it from a combo list by Down arrow key and press Enter key.

How to select buyer in invoice in iGreen accounting
How to select buyer in invoice