Security of your financial data

Best security and protection of accounting data by iGreen

For any accounts department, it is important to protect vouchers of invoices, purchases, cheques, banking, employees and cash transaction from accidental deletion. even any changes in re-save invoices and vouchers could be important if it is possible to trace it and have old voucher before re-save.

High security of accounting data by iGreen accounting software
High security of accounting data by iGreen

Security of accounting data in iGreen

in iGreen accounting software any deleted vouchers could be re-view and control it and even administrator can check date of deletion or changes of voucher and by which operator and from which branches.

security in iGreen has more than one layer of protection as below:

  • Only Administrators could delete vouchers or invoices
  • Only users could Re-Edit invoices or vouchers if they have access permission by Administrators
  • Any vouchers or invoices that has been deleted can be show to administrator
  • Report of deleted vouchers has complete data of that voucher before deletion or changes
    • So that you can review exactly what were prices and quantity of an invoice before re-save be which operator and from which branches of company