Small business accounting software with inventory management

Inventory management for small businesses and small stores is a weekly task and it should be done to protect items from losing. Every week, stuffs will count items and goods in stores and warehouses to check mark it with prints on paper or by software.

Inventory Management Software

An inventory software will add and reduce quantity or amount of items after purchase or sales vouchers.  for example when a sales of 2 pairs shoes with barcode 789654 has been done, then inventory software will reduce 2 pairs of shoes with same barcode from warehouse inventory automatically.

Inventory management by iGreen accounting

Wen you enter sales invoice in iGreen software, it will reduce items of invoice from warehouse inventory and when you enter a purchase voucher, it will add items of purchase to warehouse inventory.

Example of Inventory Report in iGreen

As you see in this report from a Tyre shop in Dubai that uses iGreen accounting for their accounts department, It reduced 2 pcs from  inventory because of Sales voucher ID 32 and balance of inventory is 2

Example of Inventory Report in iGreen


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