What is SOA in Accounting

SOA is a summary of statement of accounts and it is one the most important statements in accounting. it is turn over report of accounts. Statement of clients accounts as suppliers and customers is the most wanted report for shop owners and small businesses. But in Medium to large size businesses statement of accounts in ledger book is important for general managers and accountants

SOA in iGreen accounting Software

Menu of SOA in iGreen accounting

It is easy to reach soa in iGreen accounting software. In home screen of iGreen, in right corner, please click on [Statement of Account] as this photo:

In this report, you could select any account from chart of account (COA) and it will show you turn over of account. also you can select range of dates. Also you can convert amounts of debit and credit to selected currency.

Statement of Accounts in iGreen accounting
Statement of Accounts in iGreen accounting

Example of SOA

Please suppose, you have a sales to cash customer for 47.25$. and customer paid for it. so you need to control statement of cash customer. by select account of cash customer, we will see its report as below:

Example of cash customer soa


Multi currencies report

As you see in list of transactions, account of cash customer has an invoice and a cash payment
Originally amount are in USD, but you can see these amounts in AED currency as below:

In yellow box, you can select your desired currency by click on it.

After select currency of AED, statement account will be as:

Conversion rate for one US Dollar is to 3.68 Emirates Dirham.

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