IMEI Tracking Inventory Management Software in UAE

imei scanning for inventory

For every mobile phones store, inventory and stock management of smartphones is very important. some of smartphones like iPhone x, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Samsung Note 8 are very expensive and losing items like these types of smartphones will be a big loss for business owner.

How to do

At the time of purchase entry, scan IMEI bar-code of all mobile one by one and then click on save. iGreen software will record all IMEI bar-code in high manner. also it alerts you if any IMEI is repeated in invoices or purchases, and it doesn’t allow your data operators to repeat it in mistakes because each IMEI barcode is unique in the rest of world.

Active IMEI option in purchase entry & invoicing

Note: in setting form in iGreen software, select IMEI in purchase and sales to active it in invoices (as below photo)

IMEI setting form for mobile shops

IMEI setting form

Purchase entry of smartphone with IMEI

In purchase entry form, you can scan IMEI bar-code of smartphones (as below photo)

Purchase entry with IMEI scanning in iGreen
Purchase entry with IMEI scanning

It is very easy to issue and print invoice of smartphones sales quickly with scanning IMEI barcode if you saved purchase entry with IMEI barcode before.

Note: When you scan an IMEI barcode, quantity of item will be 1 and you could not change it Because IMEI barcode is unique per one mobile or smartphone in rest of the world

Invoicing with IMEI Barcode

Only click on [Invoice] button in central screen of iGreen software and after you select date, and customer, in IMEI column,  (with barcode scanner) scan printed IMEI label on smartphone box. then iGreen software shows information this item and its sales price.

Issue Invoice with IMEI scanning
Invoice with IMEI scanning

Inventory Tracking with IMEI Barcode

iGreen software records all purchases and invoices of smartphone with IMEI, to view turnover of any smartphone by IMEI barcode, please click on top menu and select IMEI / SERIAL NO TRACE :

IMEI tracing of smartphones in iGreen
IMEI tracing

Stock Inventory Control by IMEI Tracking

Control of smartphones inventory by IMEI scanning is very easy, to do it just in central screen of iGreen, click on [Inventory report by IMEI] and you will see a form as below:

Report of Inventory by IMEI in iGreen accounting
Report of Inventory by IMEI

Inventory tracking with imei number

As you see, it will show you all smartphones that are exist in stores, but it is need to re-check this list with your counting list of paper, bring all smartphones on your desk near barcode scanner and then scan IMEI on their box one by one then iGreen will search that IMEI and if found, it will mark that IMEI in list when you finish all smartphones and then you can see list of iGreen is equal to quantity of smartphones in your shop or not you can see boxes of:

  • [Checked IMEI]
    • IMEI that you scanned and exist in this list
  • [NOT Checked IMEI]
    • IMEI that you didn’t scanned but exist in list of iGreen

at the end of scanning, click on print to print this report with green marks of checked IMEI smartphones

Print of Inventory by IMEI in iGreen accounting software
Print of Inventory by IMEI

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