Tax free in Dubai

If you are a tourist or business man in Dubai and you need to buy an item for export. There is a good news to get back tax on sales invoice to your pocket

You should keep all original invoices in hand and at departure time in airport . you will show these invoices to vat office in airport and all 5% vat will pay back to you

but make sure salesperson will mention vat amount in invoice and he should stamp it for approval in airport

Conditions of get back vat (Free planet)

also these invoice should have company name, tel phone and TRN no (Unique tax number from economic organization in Dubai). and the shop should have free planet logo on its entrance door as below photo

Free planet sticker for shops in Dubai

Where to get back VAT in airport

in airport you will see kiosk as below photo. you can do it by them

free planet kiosk in Dubai airport
Free planet kiosk in Airport

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