VAT Services in Dubai

For any business and shop in United Arab Emirates, a valid and legal vat report is a very important challenge to avoid VAT penalties of DED. in Dubai, any sales invoice will charges with 5% tax. but this tax is free for tourists and refundable in airport at departure time. so it is a must for tourists to keep their invoices to get back paid tax in airport.

VAT rules and laws in United Arab Emirates

Any business in United Arab Emirates and Dubai to prepare VAT return declaration, must follow rules of Federal Tax Authority in Dubai (FTA). 

VAT Reports

To prepare vat return, it is needs to declare 5% of all invoices in a single form, but doing in by hands takes long times and possible with mistakes. by vat software it is better and in a fast time without mistakes. but we in iGreen team,use our accounting software because it is under our control and anytime, it needs a modules, we will design and programmed it into iGreen accounting software.

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