iGreen Accounting

By using version of iGreen accounting you can print invoices with 5% VAT for your business in United Arab Emirates. Also you will see optimization on account statement and image zoom in item list

  • Operating System: Windows (All Version )
  • Business Fields : Shop Management, Stock control, Retail Store, Whole Stores, Discount centers, Mobile shops, Cloths Shops
  • Network: Online, Local server and Cloud Server
  • Export Reports: PDF, Excel and MS Office Word
  • Currency: Multi Currencies
  • Chart of Accounts: Unlimited Levels (3 Levels initial)

Note: 5% VAT is default percentage of Value added tax, you can adjust it as percentage as you want also.


A very easy accounting software for record invoices of your business and stock management

Support and Warranty

iGreen accounting packageProgramming team of iGreen will be ready to solve problems of users very fast. If you have any problem or you need help of iGreen accounting software, please send us a message

Support in Dubai

If your business or shop has been located in Dubai, so that we can support you from installation to end of fiscal year in person. Please call us, then we will come and install iGreen accounting on your PC to show you a trial version of iGreen.

Installation for learning purpose, student and home users is not available, it is only will be done in shops, and companies. To request for an installation of iGreen accounting, please send your location by whatsapp to +971508812684

Updates (Next Versions)

Usually, next versions of iGreen accounting will be ready to download at start of each week (Monday). Before installing update files, please close iGreen accounting program and then run file of update.

Where to use

iGreen accounting has an easy invoicing system and a user friendly profit report, so that you can use it in your shop without any extra knowledge of accounting. with zoom feature, you can control details of item in sales time. you can use full details photo for each items in stock management. Also easy export of any report to format of excel, MS word, and pdf is possible in iGreen accounting.


iGreen could be used in all types of businesses and shops in Dubai like


A suitable software to issue invoices very easy by cash register or barcode scanner. iGreen accounting version or up has Value Added Tax (VAT) option. 


A high speed program to control stock inventory of items in your pharmacy and find it between thousands of other items


iGreen accounting with advanced chart of accounts,  unlimited levels and a modern tree-view has a best experiences for accountants and double entry operations


Fast services in fast-food are important, A waiter can write orders on a paper or touch it on a tablet or mobile devices. It will inform cooking section about ordered food of customers.

You can use iGreen accounting as fast-food software in Dubai or other cities of United Arab Emirates.

Mobile Shops

Mobiles shops and smart phones stores are in one of the popular businesses in any country also G.C.C countries like United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and ...

Sales invoice includes one smart phone and some accessories plus VAT in total of amount. Record IMEI number of any smart phone and year of its warranty is very important. you can see these items in invoice of iGreen accounting very easy.

Recording any digit in your business!

Record and analyse all cash transactions and invoices from purchase to profits and end of year

iGreen accounting on cash register for Dubai

Cash register + iGreen