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iGreen software has been designed specially for accounts department of small businesses in UAE. This software has been designed regard to value added tax rules of Dubai economic organization rules (DED). so that, get report of vat is easy by one click only and you don't need to hire a vat accountant. Print format of invoices is as you need in Dubai with easy to understand for the manager of business and also for customers. but we recommend you to download this accounting software and try it really for invoicing, billing, stock management and financial reports.

Pre-Requirement for iGreen Accounting software

Please before download and install main installation file of iGreen accounting, download and install these software packages to have a true software configuration in your windows

iGreen accounting on cash register for Dubai
Version: 2.9
Change-logs of Version 2.9 (1st Dec 2021)
  • VAT option for invoices
  • New IDE of account statement
  • Invoice improvement
  • Purchase improvement
  • Journal Entry
  • Chart of Accounts
Version 2.9 of iGreen accounting has been published from 1st December 2021. It includes some special changes regard to Value added tax  (VAT) in United Arab Emirates to ease report of vat. it helps users of iGreen to get instant report of sales vat for declare to Dubai economic department (DED) with desired format.
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Expert Software Engineer

If you need to have a review on all software over your businesses and optimize them, we will be glad help you with the best methods and programming languages.

Technology of Data server

By using the latest version of SQL server for data server of iGreen accounting software, it made iGreen a super speed application for millions of record processing under one second only.

iGreen Version 3.0

version: 3.0 (Year 2022, January) will be here a soon as possible !

We are working hard to prepare a luxury version of iGreen accounting with more focus of ease of use and new reports and statements. currently version 2.9 is available in this page for download and installation in any windows operating system

Online Installation

We would like to offer our software services without hassle to our customers and also new visitors of site. so that we could install iGreen accounting on your desktop or laptop computer by remote desktop or in-person if your business location is inside Dubai. Please click on below button to request a free installation of iGreen accounting. 

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