23th October 2021

We are in process to register a software license in Dubai mainland to support our users in United Arab Emirates better and make more trustable our software packages for new users.

1st March 2021

As soon as possible, we will add payment by Bitcoin to our site, so that you can pay easily to register iGreen software for your small business or shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other city in the GCC

20th Feb 2021

Vat is coming to all businesses in Oman and iGreen accounting could be used for accounting departments in Oman like Muscat, Salalah, Seeb and other locations.

8th September 2020

One of the most important section in software for shopping  and discount center is print barcode label for sales of sub-shops to pay it in cashier in front of shop. so we are working to add this section. users of iGreen accounting should connect their PCs in shops. then in sub-sales you should only enable for user only SUB-SALES feature. so that, salesperson could easy issue price label for amount of sold item. iGreen will shows price of sales of selected item and only salesperson should input quantity/ amount of item and iGreen will calculate final price and print it on barcode label by one click only.


We are working to optimize invoicing by barcode scanner and make it more easier and smart. w have plane to work on barcode scanner commands to enable issue invoices with barcode scanner only.

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