Print Barcode for Shops

Barcode labels are the best labels on items in stores to make sales very easy and accurate. invoicing by hand of 20 items takes about 2 minutes to print it but with barcode scanner it will takes less than 20 seconds without mistake.

How to print price barcode in iGreen

When you are imputing items of purchase, at the end of entrance and before click on [save] button, select  [BARCODE LABEL] as below photo:

Price labels option in purchase entry
Price labels option in purchase

iGreen will add list of items in this purchase to inline of barcode print. then please close purchase form and from central screen, click on [ PRINT PRICE LABELS ] button.

Print labels menu in iGreen accounting
Print Labels Menu

You will form of barcode print as below:

Barcode Label Form in iGreen accounting
Barcode Label Form

Steps of print barcode labels

  1. Adjust sales prices of items by click on sale price column and enter your selected sales price
Adjust sales price of barcode labels
Adjust sales price


In this form,  click on Preview print button in print barcodes and please wait till iGreen generates barcode labels and show them in right white screen in this form as below photo:

Final barcode labels in iGreen
Final barcode labels ready to print


Type of label Paper

  • Size: A4 (borderless)
  • Column: 4
  • Rows: 14
  • Margin: No