All screenshots of these pages taken from installed iGreen accounting version in windows 7 Home premium

Dashboard of iGreen accounting version

Dashboard - iGreen accounting

Journal Entry form in iGreen 2.9

General Journal Entry - iGreen accounting

Chart of Accounts in iGreen 2.9.07

As you see, you can manage chart of accounts of your company as you want with unlimited levels and quantity. Tree view structure helps you to imagine your accounts very easy

Chart of Account - iGreen accounting

List of Items

Maintenance list of items as products and services is very easy and also you can add photo of item to make it more clear for your salespersons. Zoom feature give ability to see and control details of products as serial numbers, part numbers, and small area very easy

items and products list - iGreen accounting


Issue invoice in selected currency is possible in iGreen accounting. a simple view but very advanced feature gives you a unique invoice entry form for you daily invoicing.

sales Invoice entry - iGreen accounting

Purchase Entry

Purchase Entry - iGreen accounting

Cash Transactions

Screenshot of Cash Receipt

Cash Receipt entry in iGreen

Cash Transactions

Screenshot of cash payment

Cash Payment entry in iGreen


Profit Report of invoice

Report of loss and profit of your invoices is very easy to understanding in iGreen accounting. but only users with administrator permission could see total of profits.

Report of profit of invoices in iGreen accounting

We recommend you to download a demo version of iGreen accounting and install it on your desktop or laptop computer and see its real works and reports for accounting transactions

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