iGreen accounting software for travel agency


Dubai has more than 400 flights per day in its airports and businesses with title Travel agency need a modern accounting software to manage their financial transactions and cash flow very well. an special application for travel agencies with entry vouchers for tickets, tours, hotels reservation and visa.

You can use iGreen accounting for your travel agency in Dubai to record tickets, travel tours, issuance of UAE visa and other countries.

Invoice for travel agency by igreen accounting
Invoice for travel agency

In the most travel agencies three types of vouchers are important: Visa, Hotel and flight tickets but some of travel agencies have more services like special tours, vip packages, transfer services and more. in iGreen there are forms for visa vouchers, tickets issue and hotel reservation.

Tickets and Tours in Invoices

iGreen software could be used as travel agency management software and as you see you can add both products and services in sales invoices in iGreen accounting. so that you don’t need separate invoices for items and services and it will save your times and make it more accurate data entry.

Travel air agency in iGreen accounting