Clothing store inventory software

Clothing stores in Dubai are available in any street, from Deira to Sheikh Zayed road and Dubai Marina district. purchase and sales in these stores should control by a inventory software to have a clear stock report. by hand it, it is not possible to trace an item on-time and easily.  When you use iGreen software for inventory application in your business, it keeps any in-out of cloths without any mistakes or forgotten!.

How to use iGreen for clothing stores

By follow up steps as below, iGreen software is of the best pc software to help you manage your shops.

  1. Count inventory stock
  2. Create list of clothes and other items by brands, color, name, model, design, genre and a barcode
  3. Enter stock inventory in iGreen software
  4. Print list of bar-codes on label printer and stick them on clothes
  5.  Enter purchases and issue invoices by barcode scanner

Note: Profit and loss of trading will be calculated instantly by iGreen software . you can check report of sales incoming in Reports/ Profit & sales in software.

Video of item coding and purchase entry

In this video you can see how to add item codes and how to post purchase vouchers in iGreen software


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