iGreen PLC

After many years of experiences and design of smart electronic devices with all types of micro controllers as Atmel, Microchip, STM8, STM32, NXP and Infineon, we designed and built a new plc to use it for quick support of our customers in industrial area and environments.

iGreen’s PLC specifications

  • Microcontroller Speed: 168MHz
  • Outputs: 18 Digital with PWM, and PNP + 3 Relays 
  • Inputs:  28 Digital ( 21 input of high and low + 7 ADC )
  • Memory:  2KB to 1Mb related to project need
  • Connection: CAN Protocol 2.0 + RS232 + RS485 + I2C + SPI
Board of iGreen PLC for industrial automation, ECU and TCU

Usages of iGreen PLC

You can use iGreen’s plc to control any electronic system to read all types of sensors and make very high quality outputs to solenoid valves, switches up to 40A currents, turn on and off lamps, control speed of motors. Input sensors could have 0-10 volts, 4-20ma or PNP and NPN wires.

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